Reasons Why I Can’t be a submissive

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Here are my top reasons why I should never ever try be a submissive… and if I did why it would be an epic Fail.  (Trigger warning: will certainly contain acerbic and sarcastic language).

  1. Wise Ass – If I don’t respect you then I’ll be a sarcastic and sassy mouthed SOB that will pick apart faulty logic and language to the point of being absolutely maddening.
  2. Lawyering – This goes hand-in-hand with the above in that if I get rebellious (which is pretty much always) I will focus on technical facts and skew things as far as I can.
  3. Good Enough – I don’t believe in striving for perfection or making things all around perfect for anyone, not even myself; so that’s not gonna happen… ever.
  4. Logical – Suggestions and recommendations are good, but not if it doesn’t make sense. I’m not here to stroke your ego, either make sense or go back to school.
  5. Inflexible – There is absolutely no resemblance to moldable clay to make into your image; I have my Principles, and they are a non-negotiable hard limit with which I will defend to the point of self-martyrdom.
  6. Can’t Make Me – If there’s something I don’t want to do, NOTHING can make me do it. Put a gun to my head if you want, all I need to do is draw breath and damn anyone that tries to tell me otherwise.
  7. AntiAuthoritarian – for most, anyone seeking power is doing so for personal advantage, and often at the cost of others. I don’t take orders, I take suggestions & recommendations. My heels dig in twice as hard if I “must” do anything.
  8. Worship – Hahahahaa!!! Right – Never gonna happen, I stopped believing in God when I was 14 (deal with it), so there’s no way in hell I’d worship anyone lesser.
  9. Faithless – This goes right up there with worship. I question the “why” of everything and take nothing on faith. That’s what makes me tick, the quest for answers to why. Just because someone says so is not a reason, just a source.
  10. Punishment – It would take someone like Ronda Rousey or Christina Hammer to take me down long enough to take punishment, and even then I’m not gonna just let it happen without a fight. So yeah, also not bloody likely.
  11. Self-Sufficient – Always being on the fringes of social groups, taught me early that I must take care of my own needs and to be self-sufficient. I need little, and while I may want someone I will never desperately need someone to survive or to find a contented life for myself.
  12. Survival – Yeah, I may sacrifice myself readily enough for my Principles, but not for someone else. Not gonna pick-up and move across country or the globe just because we clicked well for 2-weeks and abandon my life, support structure, and financial security. Nope – no one is that stupid…