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I wanted to ensure word gets out to these great events in which we are happy to present.  I have found these events to be highly ethical, responsible, and overall responsive.  Where people are gathered there is sure to be some issue, nothing is perfect, but these folks try their very best to make it safe, educational, fun, and responsible.  In my eyes, they follow the spirit of the 4C’s for which I advocate (caution, care, communication, consent).


Bound in Boston

March 16-18, 2018; Warwick, RI

Topics include:
– Seizing Control: Joint Locks, Pressure Points & Balance
– Poise and Grace – Aesthetic Movement in Service
– S&M Swing


MAsT Edgewater Park & SJPE Groups

April 28, 2018; Edgewater Park, NJ

Topics include:
– Asking and Why it’s so Scary


THE Beltane 2018

May 2-6, 2018; Darington, MD

Topics include:
– Inner Aspects
– Submission & Faith

TES Fest 2018

July 6-9, 2018; Piscataway, NJ

TES Fest 2018

– Topics to be announced


THE Crossroads 2018

Sep.13-16, 2018; Darington, MD

– Topics to be announced

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