Quiet Time

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If its one thing I love, its peace and quiet.  This weekend was a near perfect reflect of this value.  I joined a friend of mine and fellow kungfu practitioner in the Ny Catskills region near a very quiet lake and understated sleepy town to take in some good conversation, playing some music, and do a little training.  Then I rejoined my girl to partake in a wine tasting, some farm market shopping, a little antiquing, and then a hibachi dinner before prime hours.

To me, this is ideal.  Its quiet, leaving space for the exchange of ideas, mutual appreciation, and genuine engagement. I’ve never been extroverted: I like my circles small and quiet, opting for authentic connection and space for thought versus the clamor of crowds, circus, and chaos.

Give me quiet anytime – and keep the noise and chaos of the world at a distance.  That, for me, is a core principle to which I hold as best I can.